The Succession Wars by ScrapYardArmory

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Welcome to Succession Wars!

The Succession Wars game takes place at the beginning of the 31st century, when the great dynasties of interstellar civilizations are preparing to go to war to determine who will dominate human space. Originally published by FASA in 1987, The Succession Wars game has long been out of print. The ScrapYard is proud to present an online adaptation of the board game for you and your friends to play.

The current code base is in Open Beta. There are sure to be a few bugs to quash along the way and the more people that play the better the finished game will be.

Please forward all bugs, feature requests, suggestions, and thrown pottery to


A quick word about browsers. The Succession Wars game works best on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
Sadly, there are know issues with compatibility for certain versions of Internet Explorer.
Keep that in mind if you are attempting to play for the first time. Happy gaming!

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