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Linked Scenario Part I

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CAMPAIGN SCORE, Strategic Turn 2

Davions: 0

Liao: 0


If you and a friend want to participate, you can sign up to complete any of the following battles.  Send me an email if interested.  When I confirm your spot, complete your battle and give me the details of how it went.  If you use MegaMek I’ll need the .MUL file.  Otherwise, you will have to give me a detailed report of the damage sustained by each side.

  • Davion Alpha vs Liao Alpha
  • Davion Bravo vs Liao Gamma
  • Davion Charlie vs Liao Beta


Strategic Turn 1 Orders

Davion: All units have FIGHT orders.

Liao: Chase and Recon Lances have SCOUT orders.  All others have FIGHT orders.

  • (COMPLETED) Davion Chase vs Liao Command
  • (COMPLETED) Davion Enforcer vs Liao Heavy
  • (COMPLETED) Davion Heavy vs Liao Strike
  • (COMPLETED) Davion Strike vs Liao Warrior
  • (COMPLETED) Davion Recon vs Liao Chase (SCOUT ORDER)
  • (COMPLETED) Davion Command vs Liao Recon (SCOUT ORDER)

Davion Enforcer vs Liao Heavy (Stand-up Fight) (Nav Point Alpha, Liao Control)

Only a single Davion unit escaped destruction in this heated battle.  An Enforcer jumped away from the conflict after the Liao forces circled up to defend their fallen Catapult.  The Liao forces were terribly battered in the fight.  Only the Grasshopper has any hope of being ready for another battle without extensive repair.

Two of the three downed Davion pilots were recovered in search and rescue operations.  The remaining pilot was taken into Liao custody.  Salvage from the battle which includes a destroyed Davion Enforcer and a crippled Liao Catapult will remain on the field until recovered using a repair/salvage order.  The two other Davion ‘Mechs are truly destroyed and un-salvagable.

Davion Recon vs Liao Chase (Hide and Seek)

The terrain favored the Davions.  With a box canyon between them and their attackers it was easy to protect their non-jump capable ‘Mechs until a retreat was possible.  Unfortunately fro the Davions, luck would not be kind to them.  Seeing an opportunity to do some meaningful damage, the Davions jumped their Javelin behind an approaching Liao Men Shen.  The damage done to the Men Shen was negligible but return fire (the Men Shen can flip arms to bring 4 medium pulse lasers to bear) cracked the armor on the right torso hitting the ammunition stored within.

In light sparring until the Davion retreat, two Liao Mechs suffered through armor critical hits that ended with single engine criticals.  The Liao Snake ‘Mech is in poor condition while all other ‘Mechs remain serviceable and can see combat again in short order.

Search and rescue operations failed to locate the Javelin pilot who automatically ejected from the ammo explosion.  The pilot is assumed captured and in Liao control.  No equipment remains on the battlefield that is salvageable.

Davion Heavy vs Liao Strike (Breakthrough)

Liao forces had three jump capable units in their lance and looked to have a distinct advantage against the slower but heavier Davions.  An early PPC shot hit the Davion Penetrator in the head.  The resulting critical hit took out the life support systems.  The Liao units peppered the Davions on their way to the objective.

The Davions concentrated fire on a Blackjack, crushing through the armor and delivering crippling damage.  With one ‘Mech down, the Davions turned to the Vindicator.  The Vindicator rushed forward and delivered a devastating sword attack to a JagerMech III causing two engine critical hits.

The Liao Clint and Huron Warrior used their superior speed to reach the objective edge first.  The Liao Vindicator and Blackjack jumped over the Davions and looked like they were going to get away.  Out of the blue, a long range PPC shot hits the Vindicator in the head causing two critical hits, one of which crushes the cockpit.

With momentum on their side, the Davions concentrated on the last Liao Mech.  If the Liao could exit the ‘Mech off their home edge, the battle would be a draw at 4 victory points a piece.  The Blackjack kept on the move, jumping from woods to woods.  One turn from the objective another Davion PPC blasted through the side torso armor which transferred to the center.  The already stripped armor could not absorb the blast and the Blackjack crumpled.

Search and resque operations did not recover either of the Liao pilots who are now in Davion custody.

Davion Command vs Liao Recon (Hide and Seek) (Nav Point Gamma, Davion Control)

This battle was a massacre from the start.  The relatively open terrain worked against the Liao Recon lance which was systematically cut to pieces under concentrated Gauss Rifle barrages.  After the dust settled all Liao ‘Mechs were destroyed.

The Raven and Cossack were truly destroyed.  Two of the Liao pilots were secured during search and rescue operations.

Davion Strike vs Liao Warrior (Stand-up Fight) (Nav Point Beta, Davion Control)

The battle began well for the Liao forces who used long range weapons to tear apart the  Fed Suns Firestarter.  The crippled ‘Mech was left for dead while it’s lance mates closed the distance to seek revenge.

The Davion onslaught paid dividends as the Liao Vindicator was quickly dispatched (truly destroyed) forcing the Liao forces into a strategic retreat to avoid further losses.

Davion Chase vs Liao Command (Hide and Seek) (Nav Point Delta, Liao Control)

This game was not the overwhelming victory that Liao had hoped for.  The massively over massed Daions made excellent use of terrain and speed to evade the worst of the Liao Command Lance.  Mid way through the battle the Liao lance singled out the Davion Nightsky.  Over the course of several turns the high tech ‘Mech was beaten and bloodied until engine criticals silenced the machine.

The remaining Davion ‘Mechs escaped.  The Nightsky pilot was recovered in search and rescue operations.

Strategic Turn 2 Orders

Nav points indicate possible salvage between strategic turns and are marked to indicate what faction has control if any.


Battle damage has forced the commanders to alter their ‘Mech lances accordingly.


  • Lance Alpha (Defend)
    • Stalker STK-5M (3/4)
    • Emperor EMP-6A (4/3)
    • Pillager PLG-3Z (4/4)
    • Awesome AWS-8Q (3/3)
  • Lance Beta (Defend)
    • Men Shen Prime (4/4)
    • Blackjack BJ-2 (3/4)
    • Dervish DV-7D (4/4)
    • Sha-Yu SYU-2B (4/3)
  • Lance Gamma (Defend)
    • Huron Warrior HUR-W0-R40 (4/4)
    • Huron Warrior HUR-W0-R4L (3/3)
    • Vindicator VND-3L (3/3)
  • Repairs
    • Grasshopper GHR-5H
    • Marauder MAD-5L
    • Jingau JN-G8A
    • Snake SNK-1U
    • Technical Crew (regular) – Salvage Nav Point Alpha
    • Technical Crew (regular) – Salvage Nav Point Delta


  • Lance Alpha (Attack)
    • Gunslinger GUN-1ERD (4/3)
    • Longbow LGB-12C (3/3)
    • Atlas AS7-K (4/3)
  • Lance Bravo (Recon)
    • Blackjack BJ-2 (2/4)
    • Hatchetman HCT-5S (3/3)
    • Valkyrie VLK-QD1 (3/4)
    • Sentry SNT-04 (3/3)
  • Lance Charlie (Recon)
    • Strider Prime (3/3)
    • Stealth STH-1D (4/3)
    • Wolfhound WLF-2 (4/4)
    • Commando COM-5S (4/3)
  • Repairs
    • JagerMech JM6-DD
    • Victor VTR-9K
    • Enforcer ENF-5D
    • JagerMech III JM6-D3
    • Penetrator PTR-4D
    • Enforcer ENF-5D
    • Falconer FLC-8R
    • Firestarter FS9-S
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