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A Few of My Favorite Games

For those of you who may have been frequent readers in the past you may notice that the frequency of my posts here at the ScrapYard has declined somewhat.  I wanted to take a moment to say I’m still here, still kicking and keeping very busy.

The majority of my free time these days is going into the maintenance and improvement of the Succession Wars game.  That is not to say that I have forgotten about this blog or BattleTech in general.  I have plenty of post ideas, miniatures to paint, and battles to play out.  Time is just not on my side at the moment.

In lieu of a more proper post I’d like to show off some of the games currently underway at the SuccessionWars site.  Click on any map for a larger version.


This game is just getting underway and features a increased player count to include the Terran Hegemony and the Rim Worlds Republic.  This Order of Battle is an example of a user generated setup.



Steiner is in control in this game with Liao putting a hurting on the normally dominant Davions.



Another fan made Order of Battle features the Clans invading the Inner Sphere for conquest and honor.  It is still relatively early in the game but the Clans have proven they are worth their mettle and have driven almost to Davion space.



This game features the Davions in the driver seat with Liao almost gone and Steiner and Marik battling for survival.




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  1. Notorious DAVE Said,

    Clan Invasion Test Game features one of the least likely endgames I’ve ever seen!

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