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Best Of 2012

2012 was a hectic year with a mix of hits and misses.  I had the distinct surprise of being able to attend GenCon at almost the last minute.  To be honest my time to work on the blog has been limited this year but I see a lot of great posts in the pipeline and my love of the game has not diminished.  I expect to continue this blog well into the future and keep posting great BattleTech content as often as I can.

2012 also saw the Beta release of The Succession Wars online game here at the ScrapYard.  This is a huge milestone for the development team who worked for some time behind closed doors and through a private Alpha test game to bring this effort to life.  While there remains more work to do, we have a list of bug fixes in the pipeline that are almost ready to roll out.

BattleTech is a great passion of mine and I love sharing through this blog.  Here’s to a great 2013; Whatever adventures it may bring!

Without further adieu, here are the top posts from the past year ranked by page views.

  1. The Bounty Hunter Dossier Review
  2. The Succession Wars Beta
  3. WorldWorksGames a Time of War Terrain
  4. Mech Repair Bay by Iron Wind Metals
  5. The Succession Wars Combat Simulator
  6. Total Chaos Review
  7. City Fight
  8. Catalyst Delivers Interstellar Operations Open Beta is Live
  9. The Succession Wars Vassal Module 2.1
  10. Ranger Danger

Thanks to all those who take the time to read this blog and especially those who leave a comment!  I love hearing from fans of the game!

Keep those dice rolling in 2013!


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  1. Cam Said,

    Not to nit pick or anything, but have you weighted these articles against how long they were at the top of the front page… I know I did a lot of refreshing of your blog only to find it not updated, so when your blog “stalled”, certain articles got a higher read count than the “better” ones… imho.

    You have some really great posts, but this year seemed like you had other stuff going on compared to last year. (we all face that problem at one time or another ;) )

    Bring back your awesome AARs!

  2. Brian Said,


    I use page view per month to rank posts. Page views are only counted when there is a direct link to a post. That is to say I don’t count homepage views. Only if a user directly links to a post or clicks on the title to view the comments will it trigger a post specific page view.

    Not perfect but quick enough to gauge interest and supply input to my obligatory yearly wrap up post.

    Thanks for the kudos. It’s looking like I will be able to attend a few more conventions this year so I hope to bring back those After Action Reports in due time. Thanks for the comment!

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