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GenCon 2012 Day 1

In a stunning turn of events I managed to find a way to Indy at the last moment.  I had to call in some favors and made last minute reservations but it all worked out.

There were some trade offs to be made as I had to leave a bit earlier than I would have normally.  Still, I’m glad I have the opportunity to go and be a part of the best four days in gaming.


Catalyst is in their usual place near the entrance to the exhibit hall.  Catalyst remains a fixture in the hall to rival other manufacturers like Fantasy Flight and the like.  Leviathans is prominently on display and for sale.  There certainly is an air of excitement that they were able to bring the game to GenCon for the first time.

The usual suspects were available for BattleTech.  I was able to see print copies of the Tactical Kit, the new Battlecorps Anthology, and the latest Jihad (Total Chaos, Jihad Final Reckoning) and Field Manual SLDF.

Rumor has it that the faction dice quickly sold out leaving a few customers empty handed.  If you managed to snag a set congrats.

The standard run of games were available in the gaming hall Including Grinders, Solaris Melee Challenge and the standard storyline event.  I did not have much time this day to play as I arrived a bit late and spent most of my limited availability doing demos and getting settled.

Iron Wind Metals

IWM had an impressive array of miniatures available including most infantry, battle armor, micro fighters, bits, archive figures, buildings and much more.  A plethora of LE miniatures are available and a friendly staff pointing to anything you may need.

I’m always impressed with the available selection at all of the conventions that IWM attends.

CSO Diorama

This year the diorama is on Solaris 7 as contestants battle it out for fame and fortune.  No word on how this year’s diorama ties into potential Catalyst products.  I’ve heard mention of an upcoming Solaris 7 product from Catalyst.  It may be pure speculation but perhaps if Catalyst has an ace up their sleeve, the diorama would be an awesome companion.

The arena is a new addition to Solaris sponsored by the Republic of the Sphere.  Several new stables are also on display to keep things interesting.


Check out the first day podcast from Arbitration Studios!

Arbitration Day 1

All the Rest

I played quite a few demos in the hall and had a great experience so far.  Even so, there are quite a few games I’d still like to get to and will hopefully be able to play them in the coming days.

First up was King of Tokyo, a monster battling game for up to 6 players where you vie for control of downtown Tokyo to score victory points, kill your enemies, or both.  The game has a push your luck mechanic that ensures there is an ebb and flow to the game as Monsters inevitably take and relinquish control of Tokyo on the path to finding the one true monster.  It was a lot of fun and is a game that

I played Cool Mini Or Not’s upcoming Relic Knights skirmish game.  I had my doubts before playing but was pleasantly surprised by the game mechanics and the overall feel of the game.  Still not something that I would be picking up in the near future but I was impressed with the demo.

I also took in demos of The Duke, Balance of Power, Summoner Wars, and Dust Tactics.  Not bad for a short first day.  I’m looking forward for what the next day has to offer!

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