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The Succession Wars: VASSAL Module 2.1

As mentioned in the previous The Succession Wars, Play By Email post, VASSAL  is a free open source board game engine for playing online and several modules have already been made for you to play The Succession Wars using it.

Our commendations to the developer of the 2.0 module, mycenae.  If at first you think it appears simple, you would be mistaken.  I’ve looked at the code and there is a lot of it.  I’m sure the Module Editor helped, but it is still pretty extensive work; not to mention the ton of little images.

The original layout of the 2.1 map was designed by nckestrel, who is currently the GM running A New League.  I’ve helped revise it and adapted the layout several times including for my reference map.  There were some map errors in the 2.0 map caused by the fact that Terra was supposed to be added afterwards when using the region outline available online for the 2.0 map.  This 2.1 map keeps to the original connections of the board game and makes square pieces fit much better.

The House logos were made by Punakettu and there are more beautiful vector logos available in Punakettu’s deviantART Battletech Logos gallery.

You can download the 2.1 version from the ScrapYard Armory Downloads page or from the  The Succession Wars Module wiki page.

UPDATE: mycenae has published version 2.4 of his Succession Wars Vassal Module.

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