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It has been a while but I finally have found the time to pick up my brush and get to work on a new project.  This time around is a Davion reinforced lance made from a Davion Lance Pack I got for a gift ages ago.

I started with the lance pack (which curiously had two Garms) and added in two spare vehicles with accompanying infantry.  I keep a stash of battle armor handy for just such occasions and found a lovely pair of Hauberk Battle Armor to add to the force.  Nothing says good times like a combined arms force ready for a tabletop battle.

The red base of the minis was a three step red drybrush starting with Scarlet Red and Gory Red.  After a wash of black ink Bloody Red finished off the mini with a final highlight.

The black streaks were simple enough.  Black lines were haphazardly painted on each mini and then highlighted with an accompanying streak of grey made from a mix of Black and Dead White.  Gun barrels were drybrushed with Gun Metal.  Missile tips were dotted with white to provide contrasting detail.

The bases were done with Beasty Brown to Plague Brown to a dusting of Dead White.  Some dark mixed flocking spotted the top for good measure.

The two cockpits available to jewel were done in a standard blue pallet that I have used time and time again.  Stormy Blue to Magic Blue to Electric Blue with the smallest Dead White dot to seal the deal.

Decals were from Fighting Pirannha Graphics.

It feels good to have a project completed.  I can’t wait for my next one, which I assure you I am planning right now.  I’d like to keep the brush moving if I can manage.

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  1. Ian Said,

    Man, last (shelved) paint project was working with just red. A challenging color to deal with. Makes me want to get the brushes back out. Thanks : )

  2. JPArbiter Said,

    just as a point of order? Coors Light?

    all seriousness though I love seeing the WiP pictures as well as the final stuff. it looks awesome.

  3. Brian Said,

    Wow, ownage…

    What was that about American beer and making love in a canoe?

  4. quigs Said,

    The only bad beer is a warm one. Or Sam Adams.

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