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Best of 2011

2011 is in the rear view mirror and it was a great year.  The 25th anniversary box set hit the shelves to overwealming interest from gamers.  I played some great games in 2011 and am looking forward to more in 2012.  For all that the past year has given us, 2012 promises much more.  We have a lot to look forward to including the realeas of the next major installment of the Mechwarrior franchise, community playtesting of specific parts of Interstellar Operations, and more great products from Catalyst Game Labs.

Catalyst Game Labs continues to be a force in the gaming industry and reguarly supplies the BattleTech community with new material for our games covering multiple eras.

The ScrapYard has been busy as always and have a full compliment of games, miniatures, and articles to write about in the coming year.  Here are the most popular articles from the past year based on a weighted average of page views.

  1. Portable MercRoster
  2. Breaking and Entering
  3. BattleTroops Reborn in A Time of War
  4. Hold the Line
  5. Twilight of the Clans, The Great Refusal
  6. 25th Anniversary Box Set
  7. Dark Age Turning Points: Liao
  8. Bad Intel
  9. Chaos Reaving
  10. Wolves in Exile for a Friend

Thanks to all those who took the time to comment on the many articles here on the ScrapYard.  I really enjoy your feedback and will continue to bring great material to the BattleTech community.

Heres to a great 2012!  Get those dice rolling!

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