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After purchasing this particular terrain item at GenCon last year I finally got around to painting it.

Nothing fancy.  A base coat of black followed by several rounds of dry brushing using greys and metallics.  This item comes from Armorcast who has an impressive array of terrain elements that could be used for BattleTech.  They also make the cinematic effects that CamoSpec artists use quite often.

While it does not lend itself well to maps, I would imagine this would feel right at home as a blocking terrain template for QuickStrike or even ClickTech MechWarrior.

For me, I think I will use it most as added scenery for miniature pictures.

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  1. Reinwood99 Said,

    Yeah, Armorcast has some great stuff! Recently I bought the AC2004 1/285 Dome Powerplant from them and it has turned out great. They also have some buildings and emplacements in their 1/285th scale—perfect for Battletech. Also, they have a bunch of 28mm sci-fi stuff that could be adapted to Battletech if not mechwarrior RPG.

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