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Custom Battleforce Tokens

Have you played a game of BattleForce yet?  Strategic Operations has officially hit the streets so you have no excuse.  We all have printable counters available for free download as well as on the Battleshop.  We have plenty of calculated stats available for use via some amazing fans in the forums.  I’ve already had some fun with the QuickStrike variation and my ready stock of MechWarrior figures.  The one thing stopping me from playing some serious games of vanilla Battleforce has been converting the available printable counters into something worth spending some time on.

The Basics

I’ve been kicking around a few ideas for a simple token construction technique.  My particular variation is only slightly different than the Catalyst recommended method.  I hope you will enjoy the slight but meaningful difference.

Print out you favorite faction’s tokens and cut them out as you would expect, keeping the Radar side together with the unit side.  We are going to fold these two halves together and with a bit of glue attach them.

BattleForce Tokens 01BattleForce Tokens 02BattleForce Tokens 03

We are almost there already.  Pretty easy.  Now you could mark up your tokens and start rolling dice.  But I like a little more polish to my game counters.  Get out some clear packing tape (the good stuff.  Cheaper brands will not be as crystal clear.) and place your token on one side of the tape.  Cut another piece and carefully lay it over top.  After pressing around the edges you have a nicely protected and sturdy token.  Cut off the excess and throw the completed token into your game.

BattleForce Tokens 04BattleForce Tokens 05BattleForce Tokens 06

A side benefit of the tape is that it will take a dry erase marker quite well.  Your tokens can change their representation if you find yourself using a slightly different organization later on down the line.  Don’t like the markings?  Wipe them away and try something different.

Oh By the Way

Did you notice yet that some of these tokens make perfect tokens for normal BattleTech games?  Buildings, Fire, Minefields, Debris, it’s all here for FREE from Catalyst.  Simply amazing.  By using my packing tape method as above, you get even easier record keeping possibilities.  You can jot down the remaining construction factor right onto the buildings.

BattleForce Tokens 10BattleForce Tokens 11

Something More Substantial

Now that’s pretty cool, but you know as well as I do that no matter how much weight that tape added, a good stiff breeze will still clear your game faster than Herb with his pockets full of Davy Croketts.

I wanted something that would be more substantial while still easy to move.  I experimented with a few methods but came back to a familiar product.

I use Warmachine 30mm round bases for all of my BattleTech infantry (they don’t have a facing so why mount them on a hex base unnecessarily?).  If you take two bases and connect them together, you get a very nice token that fits very nicely into a standard BattleTech hex.  This was the base for my BattleForce token.

I attached the two sides together with an ample amount of glue from a hot glue gun.  The excess is easy to wipe away and it’s cheap too.

It just so happens that the radar blip circle is the perfect size to fit into the 30mm inset.  Using this as a guide, I cut out samples.  I used tape to seal each token as above and glued it to base with rubber cement.

BattleForce Tokens 07BattleForce Tokens 08BattleForce Tokens 09

Now obviously, there is a substantial cost increase with this method.  I like the hefty feel of the finished token though.  It feels almost made for the game.  If you find this idea helpful do leave a note in the comments letting me know.

What Are You Waiting For?

Get in those BattleForce game now!  You haven’t any excuses left!  You can fight a Battalion on Battalion in a few short hours now so why not let loose the dogs of war and smash massive armies together.  BattleForce makes it possible and better tokens make it look even better than ever!

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  1. quigs Said,

    Neat. Can’t wait to try those out. It’s alot easier just going to your house and using them then doing it myself.

    Two suggestions, if I may.

    A nickel.

    Sammiched in between the radar blip and it’s obverse. Little bitta glue, your tape trick, bang. 5 cents, no fluttering pappers.


    The custom hex bases you made in the oven in an earlier video. Still gotta be cheaper then the Warmachine stuff, yeah?

  2. Adam Isherwood Said,

    thanks for the link for the battleforce stats – been waiting for this for some time

  3. Bedwyr Said,

    Glad they work. Are there any issues with them? I tried to make the data fields as big as I could, but there’s only so much room.

  4. Brian Said,

    I think they work great Bedwyr! There is plenty enough room to jot down what is needed. Ultimately you only NEED two bits of information; What the Unit is, and what the movement mode is.

    Plenty of room for it all.

    Thanks for posting Bedwyr!

  5. Bedwyr Said,

    Yeah, I’d tried to make enough room for unit size, second unit up (company), and third/fourth unit up (battalion+regiment). If you’re handy with a very sharp pencil it’s possible, but I had to give up since Randall wanted em pretty quick.

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